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Christmas only comes around once a year and if you have a small space it doesn’t exactly help with decorating.  The home we currently live in has plenty of space for a tree however, there was a time we lived in a tiny 800 square foot home that didn’t leave much space for a festive Christmas tree. Every corner was taken and if it wasn’t taken a Christmas tree wouldn’t fit.  This year for those of you that are struggling with space I came up with this quick and easy space saving Christmas tree DIY.  It takes about an hour to make and even better, it can be re-used yearly. There’s a few options to this Christmas tree that make it pretty fun. You can make it using faux pine branches or real pine branches. You can make it fluffy or slim to match any style you want.  Best of all you don’t need a ton of ornaments and lights. Save money live better! LOL  ( as quoted by walmart) Here’s a fun idea… If your family loves going out and cutting down the perfect Christmas tree every year you can do this as a family project. You still get the real Christmas tree smell and it actually lasts for a good 3 weeks. Than simply remove the dead pine branches after Christmas and save the wooden base for the following year.  A new Christmas tradition if you live in a tight space?! 😬. It’s a great family project and your kiddos will love it. If you don’t have time to make a tree every year than just use some faux pine branches sold at any craft store. A few more ways you can make it is by up-cycling an old tree.. (from a thrift store etc) OR if you’re on a tight budget the dollar store sells mini Christmas trees that you might be able to salvage for this project. My favorite part about having it made from faux pine is that it’s super easy to set it and if you were to ever move into a bigger home you can still always use it in your bedroom or kids room. 


  • 2 dowels that are 5/8″ x 36″
  • 1 dowel that is 3/4″ x 36″
  • Floral wire
  • Nails
  • hammer
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Wire Cutter and gardening sheers
  • Hot Glue ( here’s a link to my favorite glue gun )
  • 3m hook
  • Tree decorations of course 😁
  • (I know there’s a heavy duty staple gun pictured however you will not need one. I get the job done using floral wire)
  • Pine Sprays ( I used some from a real tree that I got from my awesome neighbors yard)


Okay so the idea is to build your base using some dowels. You can totally use bigger wood if you plan on making a bigger tree however keep in mind you’ll need to securely mount it to your wall (don’t want any accidents) I used my 3/4″ x 36″  dowel for the vertical part of the tree and my 5/8″ pieces to create the layered tree effect. You can use a ruler to make sure they’re evenly apart before securing them. Than simply use some small nails and add two nails offset to each other.  Here’s the sizes you’ll need to cut your 5/8″ dowels –>  7″,11.5″,15″,and 17,5″.


If you plan on using faux pine it might differ just a tad from these instructions however, you’ll be attaching your branches to the dowels the same way.  To begin simply lay your branches onto your base just to see how fluffy or thin you want the tree.

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